Arabella Chenin Blanc

Tasting Notes

Yellow, lime green colour. Guava with hints of fresh straw on nose. Rich, racy and full on middle palate with great finish.

Alc: 12.5 RS: 2.3 pH: 3.22 TA: 5.9


Gold Wine Awards Gold 2018

Michelangelo Silver 2017
Ultra Value Award Silver 2017

Ultra Value Award Silver 2016

Ultra Value Award Silver 2015

IWC -Gold Award 2013
Michelangelo 2012 – Gold Award

Michelangelo 2011 – Silver Award

Wine Magazine 2011 – Best Value

Wine Magazine 2009 – Best Value
Michelangelo 2008 – Silver Award

Wine Magazine 2006 – 3 Stars
Veritas 2007 – Silver Award
Wine Magazine 2008 – Best Value

In the Vineyard

Soil Types
The vineyards are planted on the floor of what was, many millions of years ago, a great inland lake. Evidence of this lake can be seen in the massive water washed boulders. As the rainfall declined the lake dried up leaving a deposit of calcareous silt many meters thick. The drying of the soil and the effect of the elements cured the top layer of this calcareous silt into rock hard calcium carbonate. At first it was thought that these soils were only suitable for pastures as the roots of orchards and vineyards could not penetrate the calcium carbonate. The era of the big machine, which could rip through the hard calcium carbonate to a depth of 1.5 meters to access the calcareous silt underneath, changed this perception. Vineyards now flourish and produce wonderful wine where there once was arid veldt. A near perfect viticultural terroir has been created where man can manipulate conditions as he sees fit.

Growing Season Growing Data (October – April)
Rainfall: 333.7mm
Mean Maximum Temperatures: 24.95°C
Mean Minimum Temperatures: 10.27°C
Vine Age: 3-10 years
Pruning Regime: Cordon/Spur Pruned, Vertical Shoot Positioning

Blend Information:
100% Chenin Blanc


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About this wine

Food Pairing

Dry and Off-Dry Chenin Blanc pairs best with salads and lighter meat-based dishes, including Ham, Roast Pork, Chicken Kiev, Grouper, Fish & Chips and Shrimp Scampi. For spicier dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, spicy Ceviche or curried chicken salad, go with an off-dry Chenin Blanc.

Tasting Notes

Yellow, lime green colour. Guava with hints of fresh straw on nose. Rich, racy and full on middle palate with great finish.


Chenin Blanc, But Chenin Blanc’s second home is an interesting one: South Africa. An old Dutch navigator, Jan van Riebeeck, imported the grape from France to his South African backyard. This varietal ended up thriving in South African soil, spreading rapidly through vineyards in the continent. Here, years of advancements in winemaking have made South Africa the largest producer of Chenin Blanc throughout the entire globe.


South Africa

About the Winemaker

Arabella is a new venture established on land which has been in the De Wet family since the 1860’s. As the vineyards had been established many years previously, it was assured that top quality wines would be produced at Arabella. A new cellar, bottling hall and tasting room was built at the beginning of 2006 and the first vintage from the cellar was produced in 2006. Arabella got off to an auspicious start when the Arabella Shiraz 2007 won a double gold at the Michelangelo International Wine Challenge. It is the family’s desire to establish the Arabella brand by giving our customers the very best quality at the very best price possible. But just good quality is not enough – we want our customers to have a special experience when drinking Arabella wines.