Who are we? Meet Renmar!

Meet our Founder – Dickjan Schipper

In 1989 Dickjan Schipper entered the Spanish Waters after sailing around the world for 2 years. It was love at first sight. Since 1989 Renmar is your partner in wine on Curacao. A perfect selection of the highest quality wines which will suprise your during every sip at a fair price level. 

Your Wine cellar on Curaçao: 

We are centrally located on the island. At our warehouse we facilitate order pick up. You can find our opening hours below: 

Mon: 8-12AM and 2-5PM
Tue: 8-12AM and 2-5PM
Wed: 8-12AM and 2-5PM
Thu: 8-12AM and 2-5PM
Fri: 8-12AM and 2-5PM

Our contact details:

Kaya Angel Leanez K29
Willemstad, Curaçao