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ChouChou means darling; favorite; sweetheart. Drink this rosé with your loved one, with friends and family in the park, on the boat, on your balcony, or in your backyard. French chansons coming from the speakers and imagine yourself in the Côtes de Provence.

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A light to medium-bodied white wine that is dry to semidry is the best choice with Asian food
Even if you're not a wine buff, most people know that red wine and beef complement each other perfectly
The freshness of the white wine, the perfumed notes and the combination of sweetness and acidity suit many cheeses.


the best wines to pair with pizza tend to be fruity, lighter-bodied red wines with plenty of character.

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Alpasión is one of our favorites and recommended by a lot of our customers.

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Each bottle is meticulously crafted by passionate winemakers who pour their expertise and dedication into every drop. With our Wine Box, you can savor the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating these remarkable wines, elevating your wine-drinking moments to new heights.


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