Aliwen Pinot Noir

Because of its variety, it is called the white of the red wines. Our Aliwen Pinot Noir is a juicy, fresh wine with good acidity, mineral and persistent. An ideal wine to be accompanied in the high summer temperatures.

Vine: 100% Pinot Noir.
Winemakers: Carlos Concha
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About this wine

Food Pairing

Pinot Noir pairs well with a wide range of foods—fruitier versions make a great match with salmon or other fatty fish, roasted chicken or pasta dishes; bigger, more tannic Pinots are ideal with duck and other game birds, casseroles or, of course, stews like beef bourguignon.

Tasting Notes

It is a juicy, fresh wine, with good acidity, mineral and persistent.


Pinot Noir



About the Winemaker

Our winemaking philosophy is based on creating characterful, authentic and consistent wines. The winemakers and viticulturists at Viña Undurraga work together as a dynamic team to express the identity and quality of our vineyards through each and every one of our lines of wines. They do this through meticulous management of the vines and outstanding care in the production of the wine. While each of our lines bears the personal stamp of its winemaker, Undurraga wines all have one thing in common: each seeks to faithfully represent the character of the grape variety it is made from and its place of origin. And, above all else, we prioritize good balance, fruit expression and fine quality.