Aliwen Sauvignon Blanc

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This Chilean Chardonnay comes with the typical tones of tropical fruit. It pairs perfectly with white meat like pig or BBQ chicken. It's a perfect wine for dining, a good day at the beach. 

What about this wine?

- Harvested in the Curico Valley
- Combine it with rich meat, fish and vegan dishes. 
- Tones of tropical fruit and vanilla.
- From the Unduragga family 

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About this wine

Food Pairing

Perfect as an aperitif or delicious with oysters, fresh seafood, salad and sushi.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of peaches intermingle with citrus fruit and some herbaceous notes on the nose. Very fresh, tasty and mineral, this wine retains its characteristics in the mouth for a long time.


Sauvignon Blanc A popular and unmistakable white wine that’s loved for its “green” herbal flavors and racy acidity. Sauvignon Blanc grows nearly everywhere and thus, offers a variety of styles ranging from lean to bountiful.



About the Winemaker

Our winemaking philosophy is based on creating characterful, authentic and consistent wines. The winemakers and viticulturists at Viña Undurraga work together as a dynamic team to express the identity and quality of our vineyards through each and every one of our lines of wines. They do this through meticulous management of the vines and outstanding care in the production of the wine. While each of our lines bears the personal stamp of its winemaker, Undurraga wines all have one thing in common: each seeks to faithfully represent the character of the grape variety it is made from and its place of origin. And, above all else, we prioritize good balance, fruit expression and fine quality.