Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon

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Introducing Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon, a distinguished red wine that showcases the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Arendsig Vineyards. Located in the esteemed Robertson Wine Valley of South Africa, this Cabernet Sauvignon represents the epitome of winemaking excellence.

In the glass, Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a deep ruby red color that hints at the richness and intensity of flavors to come. The wine entices the senses with captivating aromas of blackberries, cassis, and dark chocolate, intertwined with subtle notes of tobacco and cedar.

On the palate, this Cabernet Sauvignon unfolds with grace and power. Ripe black fruits, such as blackcurrants and plums, dominate the forefront, accompanied by nuances of oak, vanilla, and a touch of spice. The wine's full-bodied nature is supported by velvety tannins and a well-balanced acidity, leading to a long and satisfying finish.

Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of great distinction that pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. It complements grilled meats, hearty stews, aged cheeses, and roasted vegetables, elevating the dining experience and adding a touch of elegance to every bite.

Crafted with meticulous care and passion, Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the dedication of the winemakers and the exceptional terroir of the Robertson Wine Valley. The grapes are carefully handpicked from select vineyard blocks, ensuring optimal ripeness and concentration of flavors.

Experience the allure of Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon and let it transport you to the sun-drenched vineyards of South Africa, where tradition and innovation unite to create wines of unparalleled quality. With each sip, savor the richness, complexity, and sheer pleasure that this exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon offers. Raise your glass and toast to the remarkable journey that Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon takes you on, as it celebrates the art of winemaking and the joy of sharing unforgettable moments.

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About this wine

Food Pairing

Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully with grilled steak, braised lamb, rich stews, aged cheddar cheese, and dark chocolate desserts, complementing their flavors with its robust black fruit notes, hints of oak, and velvety tannins.

Tasting Notes

Arendsig Cabernet Sauvignon delights with its inviting aromas of blackberries, cassis, and dark chocolate, leading to a palate brimming with rich flavors of ripe black fruits, hints of tobacco and cedar, accompanied by nuances of oak and a touch of spice, all supported by velvety tannins and a well-balanced acidity, culminating in a long and satisfying finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon


South Africa

About the Winemaker

My philosophy is to create great single vineyard wines from unique soil, climate and location. It’s the soil with all the microbes, cycle of elements and the help of living organisms that create the heartbeat for my vines. The vineyards location in relation to the sun and wind direction, as well as a holistically favourable climate, influences the expression of each block.