Undurraga Chardonnay

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The youthful, fresh and vibrant first range from Viña Undurraga. Hugely appealing to all palates. The ‘U’ by Undurraga wines capture the personality and characteristics of Viña Undurraga. Produced in Chile’s Central Valley, the soils are alluvial in origin, medium textured, loamy to sandy-loam and well drained. The climate is sub-humid Mediterranean. Winters are mild and Summers are temperate and dry with cool nights. This ensures the production of healthy grapes with a delicate texture and accentuated aroma.

WINE TYPE: White Wine
REGION: Central Valley
VARIETAL: Chardonnay
ABV: 13%
BODY: Full-Bodied White Wine
STYLE: White - Green and Flinty
BRAND: Undurraga
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Food Pairing

Fish, salads and white meat

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About the Winemaker

The winemaking process is managed by Rafael Urrejola, head winemaker at Undurraga. He is supported by winemakers Carlos Concha, Pilar Díaz and Patricio Lucero.In addition, Undurraga’s winemaking team enjoys the ongoing support of renowned enologist Alvaro Espinoza for still wines, while French winemaker Philippe Coulon advises us on our line of sparkling wines. On the Santa Ana Estate in Talagante, Viña Undurraga has state of the art facilities for carrying out the fermentation, development, ageing and bottling processes for both still and sparkling wines. The cool antique underground cellars that date back to the winery’s founding days in the 19th century provide the perfect environment for ageing our Reserva wines. Thanks to our experienced winemaking team and modern facilities, with their 20-million-litre capacity, Undurraga has developed quality wines of international renown able to satisfy a wide range of tastes.